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March 31st 2022 - Steam Early Access





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Pirates of Gravitae is an action roguelike game with fast-paced aerial combat. The player commands a gravity-defying pirate ship and her eclectic crew, in a bid to stop a malignant, global trade empire, the Dynamic India Company, the ambitions of which threaten the existence of Earth itself.


  • Run based campaign where every defeat gets you closer to final victory, with persistent ability unlocks and upgrades across runs

  • Wield an energy saber while swinging from a grappling hook, or fire your cannons on full auto while zapping enemies with lightning. Find your own favorite combination from 16 different sailor perks.

  • Balance offensive and defensive capabilities with maneuverability. Combine up to three from 13 different weapons, defensive measures, and maneuvers to find your optimal load-out.

  • ​Come up with a different build for each run. Equip your sailors with over 60 different randomized loot items.​

  • Train your crew for persistent stat upgrades across 8 different stats for your ship

  • Optimize your build to suit your play style: high or low altitude, day or night encounters, strong winds or clear skies. It all makes a difference.

  • Raid treasure galleons, bombard forts from above, dominate the skies!​


Game Lore

The year is 1650 and humans have discovered the means to extract Gravitae from ordinary matter, the essence that grounds and binds things to earth itself.


The combustion of Gravitae in shipborne engines has enabled massive naval vessels to take to the skies, nimble as birds. New trade routes have been discovered unimpeded by land or ocean, bringing obscene wealth in a short period of time to a select few who control the extraction of this wondrous resource.

The rich and powerful have used Gravitae to levitate the most fertile lands and valuable assets out of the reach of ordinary people. They have built floating towns and cities saturated with comfort and luxury, unburdened by the destruction caused in the extraction of Gravitae.

Driving this massive change is a globe-spanning power unaccountable to any nation: the Dynamic India Company. It is rumored that the two DIC heads, only known as El Jeffe and Il Doge, are plotting to create an entire new world in the heavens for themselves to rule, by combining the stolen riches of the earth and the mass of the moon. Unstopped, this will spell certain and terminal disaster for everyone left on earth.

It is not too late yet.



Pirates of Gravitae started its life as a personal project that its developer Taylan Kadayifcioglu created to entertain his young children. Driven by their infatuation with rocketships, the first iteration of the game was meant to be a Moon Lander type of game in 2D. Demands from this tough audience to add this and that led to pirates, islands, and other ships.

In 2021, after being laid off from a 4 year long project that got cancelled, Taylan made the questionable decision to turn this rough prototype into a full fledged indie game that he would release, come hell or high water. Since then he has been working as the sole designer and programmer on the project.

The game has become available in a polished alpha form in November 21. The current plan is to follow up with Steam Early Access in 2022. 





Pirates of Gravitae Title Art
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Pirates of Gravitae - Emiliano Falconetti
Pirates of Gravitae - "Ballsie" Bonney
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Monetization Permission

Innerverse Games allows for the contents of Pirates of Gravitae to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Pirates of Gravitae is legally & explicitly allowed by Innerverse Games.

About Innerverse Games

Innerverse Games was founded by Taylan Kadayifcioglu in 2021, who remains its sole full time employee. Taylan previously worked in the mobile games industry in various capacities: lead designer, programmer, and data analyst. Following the cancellation of the previous project he worked on, he decided to pursue making his own indie game Pirates of Gravitae.

He is a sucker for a good swashbuckling story.


Pirates of Gravitae Credits

Taylan Kadayifcioglu - Designer, Developer, Creative Director

Emiliano Giugliano - 2D Artist

Ryan Leach - Music

Joe Barrucco - Sound Design